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Whether you want to go white water rafting, rock climbing, or fishing, Richmond has some of the best adventure opportunities, right here in our own backyard! We love our city and believe that adventure is for everyone! On August 10th, join us at Libbie Mill ( 4901 Libbie Mill East Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23230 ) for our first annual BBQ competition fundraiser! While you’re with us, enjoy interacting with other local vendors that offer fun things to do around the area, live music by East of Blue Ridge, food and soft drinks from Aw Shucks, and local beers! Join us from 12:00 - 5:00. It’s a Richmond thing to do!

AUGUST 10, 2019 | 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm | Libbie Mill Midtown

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Local Vendors


Live Music by East Of Blue Ridge


BBQ competition Sponsored by

Aw Shucks


Local Beers


BBQ Competition Details


Competitors will be allowed to setup and fire up their smokers starting Friday Aug 9th, at 4:00 pm, with the ability to spend the night while prepping their mouth watering BBQ. The event will open to the public at 12:00 pm on Saturday Aug 10th, and the competition judging will take place at 3:00 Saturday afternoon.

The competition will focus on three areas: Carolina style pulled pork, a signature beef dish, and veggie based side or main dish.

Competitor Info


First and foremost, we’d like to emphasize that the $300 entry fee is a charitable contribution to Beyond Boundaries.  We want to encourage our competitors to invite friends and family to support them in this competition and learn more about the outdoor adventure community in Richmond.  

With that in mind, the entry fee will include:

  • Entry into the charity BBQ competition.

  • 15 VIP tickets to give or sell (suggested $20 value) to friends/family/coworkers - idea: get your company to sponsor you?

    • VIP ticket = 1 free beer, 1 free BBQ sandwich, and an entry into the drawing to judge the competition!

- Competition meat (1 pork butt donated by Aw Shucks)

- 10x10 tent work space and parking spot

- Beyond Boundaries swag (TBD)

- A chance at glory and local fame!

- First place winner will receive a trophy and a Calcutta cooler - donated by Green Top!

- Each place will receive a trophy.

Entry fee is due by July 31, 2019 for the August 10, 2019 event.


Things competitors will need to provide:

  • Your own cooking device (ex: smoker, grill, etc.)

  • Any seasonings / sauces

  • Vegetarian dish ingredients

  • Signature meat ingredients

Competitors will be given:

  • One pork butt

  • Potable water

  • Containers for serving to judges

  • A workspace for you to cook starting Friday.


Please note: competitors will be responsible for reviewing and adhering to the rules and guidelines surrounding appropriate health preparation for the meats and dishes you are preparing. (cleanliness, temperature control, etc) - these will be provided at least 30 days before competition.



Competition Judging

A panel of judges will taste and rank each competitors entries.

Competitors will be judged based on:

  • Pork that is presented in whatever way the contestant prefers but must have 8 portions.

  • Entries are submitted to the judges at the specified time in containers provided.

  • Sauce can be integrated into or poured on top of meat. No pooling of sauces on dish.

  • Up to 3 vegetables can be used to decorate the submission plate. Nothing else can be used.

Judging Criteria:

  • Carolina Style Pulled Pork

    1. Flavor/Taste

    2. Tenderness

    3. Appearance

  • Secondary Meat Selection: Signature Dish

    • Participants will provide their own piece of beef which will be graded on the same criteria as above.

  • Vegetarian Submission

    • Each participant must enter a vegetarian side dish that compliments their secondary meat selection but will be plated separately from the main dish.


Ready to compete? Email us or fill out this form and we’ll get in touch to talk details!

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